4 Ways to Control Your Dog's Incessant Barking When You Are at Home

Published: 20th July 2009
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If you have a dog that incessantly barks both when you are home and away, then dealing with the problem while you are at home may also help prevent it when you are away. The key to correcting this barking is to have the right timing for reprimanding and praising. Below are four techniques you can use to curb your dog's nuisance barking.

This first technique is the most effective out of the four:

1. Using physical correction. This method is most certainly NOT at all violent, painful, or inhumane. When your dog barks, go to their level, and firmly wrap one or both of your hands around the snout (don't shake it), and say your corrective command. You can use a long "Shhh" or repeat "Uh uh uh." You not only want to hold onto them until they quit making any noise, but also when they stop resisting the placement of your hand by trying to get away. This method is so effective, since it demonstrates to your dog that you are the Alpha in the pack.

Since it involves physical correction, it may not be a preferred technique for owners who are uncomfortable with this type of interaction. It is important to stress that dogs are not children and they feel happier when they clearly know who the "Alpha dog" is. Here are some other techniques you can utilize if you choose not to physically correct:

2. Having extreme patience. If your dog is barking because they crave attention, then this method is best for them. However, the owner will need to be very patient and consistent if they choose to use this method. If your dog has an extremely loud bark, then having a set of earplugs can be very helpful. When your dog is barking at you for attention, it is important not to give in to them -- not until the barking finishes. The best thing to do is to sit down and avoid eye contact and definitely avoid talking (or shouting) to them. Once your dog stops barking, immediately reward them with lots of praise and attention.

3. Using a squirt gun. This method is effective if you don't mind carrying a squirt gun on you at all times at home. This is because you need to reprimand the behavior as it is happening, so if your dog incessantly barks and you go to get your squirt gun, they could have finished barking by the time you end up squirting them. You need to reprimand in real time, and it does help to have accurate aim. When squirting your dog, aim for their chest and not their face. Also, using a mixture of water and Citronella essential oil or a vinegar solution (1 part vinegar to 8 parts water) can be much more effective than just plain water.

4. Putting them on a leash. This method is most effective for dogs that have been trained to respond to a tug on the lead and a corrective "uh uh" or "no." So, when your dog begins to nuisance bark, then put their leash on, and go through the training command your dog is familiar with to stop the current behavior.

Whichever method you use, remember to be consistent, since only repetition will effectively train your dog. Most importantly never yell. It is essentially barking back at them, and just makes more noise. It is all to easy to tell your dog to be quiet through an open window, but your dog is barking because they are trying to tell you something. It may just be that they want some more attention, so by yelling at them it will upset and confuse them even more. It is vital to give your dog praise when they stop barking.

There are times that you should not command your dog to stop barking as soon as they start. Some dogs bark to alert you of a person on your property, and this can be dangerous if they have been taught to suppress their bark at all times. It is unrealistic to have your dog never bark again, so just keep that in mind when you are training your dog.

Sally Canela has been training dogs for more than 15 years, and specializes in training dogs rescued from shelters with behavioral problems.

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